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Enjoy presentations by special guests from the orchid community. Buy plants, play the plant raffle and nibble on a treat while chatting about orchids! See what is blooming at the FVOS Members Show table and listen in on the discussion about these exotic plants!

2020 Speaker's Schedule

January - no meeting

February 25 - Thomas Mirenda

March 24 -  

April 21 - 

May 26 - 

June 23 - AGM

July - No meeting

August - No meeting

September 22 - 

October 27 - 

November 24 - Annual Christmas Party

December - No meeting

Join the Fraser Valley Orchid Society

09b Cochlioda rosea flower_31D5861
Paph Hamana Spice
Slc. Little Hazel
Maxillaria sangai
Potinara Chief Sweet Orange
Rhynocostylis gigantea Red
Masdevallia Striped Ice
Neofinetia falcata
Encyclia polybulbon
Lc. Mari's Magic 'Yellow Eyes'
Sophronitis cernua
Dendrobium peguanum
Cattleya jenmanii
Pleurothallis dilemma
Phragmipedium calurum

Please bring cash or cheque to the meeting or send the form and a cheque to:


PO Box 61585

Brookswood PO

Langley, B.C. V3A 8C8

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